We often discover and learn so much from our students and because of that, we write posts about what we are learning about this crucial age and post it here for you all!

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A False Sense of Maturity

a major pitfall we can wander into is a false sense of maturity. This happens when adults or adolescents perceive something that sets them apart from their peers and label it “more mature,” and then allow this to lead to a subconscious, wholesale belief in that teenager’s overall maturity. Often without realizing, they assume a perspective that being one, or even five, steps ahead of their peers in one area automatically makes them far ahead in every area.


Jesus Felt

He can be there for you in the midst of it, and the Bible is full of people who felt strong emotions but turned to God for peace. We’ll look at many, but today just “feel” good knowing that you have a Savior who loves you no matter when you’re feeling today.


God Your Father

“Didn’t you know that I must be in my Father’s house?” – Jesus, Luke 2:49 I can think of no more comforting words for you, a middle school kid, than Luke 2:42, “[Jesus] was 12 years old.” Have you ever thought about that? Usually we see Jesus depicted on Sunday School posters as this glowing, […]