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We often discover and learn so much from our students and because of that, we write posts about what we are learning about this crucial age and post it here for you all!

Team Pic1200

#AR2016 Pictures from our 1st & 2nd Day

We just added a picture Gallery from our first day and this morning’s Bike Safety Rodeo. The students are doing awesome. Our first day consisted of leaving Woodstock at 7:45AM and arriving in Phoenix at 12:55. Whataburger was our first stop in Phoenix. We spent a few minutes setting up our sleeping area at Family of Faith Fellowship. 19 air mattresses inflated and 3 deflated last night, Ha. We had pizza at the Ferguson’s while the students packed the gift bags that were handed out this morning at the bike safety training.
This morning (April 2nd) we had the honor of supporting Freedom Life Church’s bike safety rodeo. The students did amazing with their individual roles. 60 people from the community took advantage of the opportunity for their kids to learn bike safety rules. 80% of the kids here ride their bikes to school. So bike safety is an area of need. We were able to have several great conversations about Freedom Life Church. Everyone was very excited about having the opportunity to have their kids learn some good information about bike safety.
Tonight we are hosting a block party in a neighborhood. Going to love on some people and spread the word about Freedom Life Church.

Frustrated Teenager

Drying Paint

Many times, when discipling students, especially middle school kids, we enter into the process much like Judy Hops – excited, big dreams, hopes of seeing the life of a young kid radically altered. But soon we find out, most of them are spiritual sloths – they have the right heart and intentions, but it moves agonizingly slow.