Digital Discipleship

Join us for a fun and informative night that will equip parents to disciple and guard their families in a technological age. We’ll discuss how to prepare and protect your family from the challenges of an online world. We’ll also examine gospel based principles to create a healthy technological environment in your home. Some of the questions we’ll tackle:

What steps can I take now to prepare my children for technological temptations?

What software and apps can I get to monitor and protect my family?

How can we recover when we mess up?

Dinner will be provided for $5 per person. We will have pizza from Papa Johns and salad and breadsticks from the Olive Garden. Childcare will be provided for preschool and elementary age children. There will be a separate student event for those in 6th-12th grades. Please RSVP to by Friday, January 26 and let us know how many adults, children, and students (6th-12th grade) you will be bringing. You may also attend the event without the dinner.