Dodgeball Tournament

Dodgeball2017Assemble your team for our Woodstock Students middle school dodgeball tournament! Teams must have five players of the same gender. There are separate tournaments for boys and girls. Team members may be from 6th, 7th, or 8th grade. This is a single elimination tournament. Each winning team, boys and girls, will win $250. Be sure to dress in something awesome and your team could win $100 for being the best dressed!

Registration opens at 5:30 and closes at 6:30

Only 5 players per team (no substitutes)
Teams are fixed at start of tournament, no changes
Players may only play on one team
Matches are best two out of three games
Players who are out cannot return to the game
Players get out by being struck by a ball, having their throw caught by the opposing team, or by crossing the center line
Balls may be used to block throws, but if the ball is dropped the player is out
We use 8 inch foam gator skin balls
All decisions by the referee(s) are final

5:30-6:30 Registration
6:30-6:45 All-play battleball
6:45-7:00 Message
7:00-8:30 Tournament